How to Prevent Frizzy Hair

How to Prevent Frizzy Hair EASILY at Home

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To romantic and mischievous, recalcitrant and feminine frizzy hair attracted admiring glances, their owners have to put a lot of effort, because all these curlicues need special care for frizzy hair with all the ensuing complexities and specifics.


The structure of straight and frizzy hair is different. In the section of a straight hair, one can see a round shape, in a frizzy hair, an oval shape.


And the elongated the oval, the more steep frizzy the owner of these hair. Because of these structural features, wavy hair are porous, which makes them more prone to injury.


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Some experts developed a classification of frizzy hair. In this system there are 3 types of frizziness: wavy, spiraling and curly.

How to Prevent Frizzy Hair

They are divided, based on the structural qualities of the hair: according to the pattern, the degree of porosity, density and thickness. These categories also divide in turn into 3 subtypes (A, B, C) in terms of severity.


Frizzy locks are often thinner and, as a rule, disobedient than straight ones.


Whirlwinds make the hair more spacious, and if they are soft, then they will crumble, and if they are tough, they will stand up with unbending lambs.


Bends of hairs impede the full circulation of oxygen and nutrients in the body of the hair. As a result, the hair look dry on the tips and fat at the roots makes hair frizzy.


All this wealth is genetic and inherited.


Taming of recalcitrant frizzy hair


In order to truly enchant this gift of nature, it is necessary to exert a lot of strength and patience, then the work will pay off with interest.


To put in order the hair and turn them into a perfectly flowing waterfall or tame in a stylish strict hairstyle and possibly at home.


To do this, you need to use both professional stylists’ tricks and arm yourself with the wisdom of folk recipes.


You can straighten the hairs, and you can leave firzzy hair. There are many ways to play both variants.


The main thing is to not forget about the health of your hair in pursuit of a beautiful way. All mechanical and temperature effects, varnishes and gels with constant use cause worsening of the head of hair.


And frizzy locks as though themselves are asking for all these procedures. It is necessary to find a balance between restorative procedures and care and between beauty guidance.


It is advisable to choose the most gentle methods of styling and regularly look after your hair.


Caring tips to prevent frizzy hair


Proper care at home, in the first place, involves the use of a line of cosmetics for wavy hair.


There are means created especially for frizzy hair. Inside the line, they are already divided into funds for oily, dry or normal scalp.


Especially it is necessary to look narrowly at the products released for hairs of combined type, with which people with curly locks often face.


Specificity of shampoos for wavy ringlets is a large percentage of nutrients in them, moisturizing strands along the entire length, as well as the presence of special herbal extracts.


These extracts normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, removing excessive fat content of the skin. Pair with shampoo should use balm or conditioner of the same line.


The additional caregiver also has a nourishing effect, seals, opened up during the washing of the scalp’s head, prevents the appearance of split ends and removes the electrification of the hair.


For a good effect, you should periodically supplement hair care with masks. And once in 1-2 months to do the procedure of lamination, about which the carriers of frizzy hair leave the most positive feedback.


Lamination is very useful in the care of porous hair. This procedure is the application of different active substances on the hair in several stages.


These ingredients will create a protective film on the frizzy hair, which will take care and protect the hair from the cross-section.


Hairs that have undergone lamination have a healthy appearance, a rich color, they are more obedient and stronger. Some frizziness of hair straighten under the influence of lamination.


What should I avoid?

When choosing cosmetics to care for frizzy hair, one should take into account that really high-quality preparations are not made on the principle of two or three in one.


This is either a shampoo, or a balm, or an air conditioner, but not “shampoo+other things” with the effect of an air conditioner.


Shampoos for volume are not friendly with porous frizzy hair. From the use on the curls of funds that impart volume, you can get an uncontrolled dandelion effect.


In addition, the scales of hair will rise, and the grip between them will become even weaker. As a result, the hairs will become more brittle and will be cut off.


Bad reviews received funds with the content of sulfates. They wash out natural nutritious oils and natural moisturizing, which is already lacking in porous frizzy hair.


As a result, the head of hear becomes dried and lifeless, and it often has to be washed.


Bad reputation and reviews deserve funds and with the content of silicone. In their experience, people saw a deterioration in the appearance of their frizzy hair.


It turned out that after using the products with a high content of silicone, the curls need intensive treatment.


Prevent frizzy hair with masks


Masks for frizzy hair can be both bought in the store, and made at home. It should be compositions with a nourishing and moisturizing effect.


Masks for colored hair are good. In the composition of these masks there are softening ingredients and caring oils, which will make the curls more obedient and stronger.


Caring for curls should be regular. To do this, you can use simple ingredients, available at home at hand.


To make stubborn curls obedient, 1-2 times a week to make oil masks for hair.


To prepare a similar mask, you will need:


Burdock oil (saves from brittleness and split ends);

Sea buckthorn oil (for the effect should be heated 1 spoonful);

Vegetable oil (preferably olive, but sunflower is also suitable).


The ingredients are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1: 9 and are applied to the curls. The mask lasts for 20 minutes, then thoroughly washed off. After this mask curly hair becomes more elastic and obedient.


In the same mask, you can add one spoonful of honey. It will enrich the hair with vitamins, and also contains many useful substances that will protect the hair from the effects of negative factors.


The most curly and naughty locks, most likely, among African girls.

And from them came the way to cope with the most stubborn curly-haired girls.



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