How to Wash Your Hair

How to Wash Your Hair Correctly with Shampoo?

June 6, 2017admin

There are a lot more questions that arrives in your head when we talk about how to wash your hair:


  1. How much shampoo should I apply?
  2. How much to keep the shampoo on your hair?
  3. Than to wipe hair?
  4. Is it harmful to wash hair under the shower?
  5. How to dry your hair?
  6. How to dry your hair?


These and other issues will be considered below.

How to Wash Your Hair

Let’s say you have mastered the rules for selecting shampoo, can by heart list the best components for caring for your hair and know what is the difference between balm, conditioner and mask. But, as it turned out, this is not enough.


It turns out that the technique of washing hair and various everyday factors play an important role in hair care. To make it easier to understand, we will define several rules for ourselves.


Useful Tips on How to wash your Hairs


    Rule one: saving for the good. It is important to remember – it does not mean better. Do not use too much shampoo to wash your head. Surprisingly, the more detergent, the worse hair is cleared.


Rule two: reduce aggressiveness. To do this, apply a foam on the palms of your hair. If you pour shampoo directly on the head, you can cause damage to your hair and sensitive skin. Do not forget that absolutely all detergents have aggressive substances in their composition. But in your power to reduce their impact.


Rule three: focus on the roots. Try not to apply shampoo to the tips of hair when washing your head. Massaging needs scalp and hair roots.


Rule four: we keep track of time. Do not keep hair care products on your hair for too long, trying to achieve maximum effect. Enough two to three minutes. This rule applies to both shampoos and balms and conditioners.


The fifth rule: thorough rinsing. The better you rinse your hair after washing, the softer and silky they will be.


Rule six: we use natural fabrics. To reduce the injury to your hair, wipe with a towel made of natural cloth. Do not rub your hair intensively. It’s enough just to wrap them with a towel and wait 15-20 minutes. In addition, wiped hair, for example, with a silk handkerchief, acquire additional brilliance and attractiveness. The thing is that silk is able to smooth the peeling keratinous scales to the stem.


Rule seven: we exclude souls. If you set out to improve the condition of your hair, then, first of all, learn to wash your head under the shower, even if at first glance this advice seems illogical. The fact is that thin trickles of water, getting on soaped hair, strongly foaming shampoo and do not allow to completely wash it off. The sad result is the appearance of dandruff and over-drying of the tips of the hair.


Rule eight: keep warm. Chilled scalp is badly blooded. And this, in turn, negatively affects the nutrition of the hair. Hang a towel in advance for the battery. Wrapped in it, damp hair will keep the heat longer. For the same reason, head wash before bedtime is excluded.


Rule ninth: a healthy dream. The fact in which posture and on which pillow you sleep, directly affects the condition of the hair. If a factor during sleep disturbs the flow of blood to the scalp, then the hair supply is disturbed. Therefore, oriental beauties from antiquity preferred a soft cushion tight roller, put under the neck. This cunning allowed them to be proud of their hair. To understand that the pillow is chosen correctly, you can by the absence of pain in the neck after sleeping. It is desirable to get pillows with artificial filler. They have a lot of advantages in comparison with feather brothers: they do not lose shape with time, they do not accumulate moisture inside themselves and are hypoallergenic.


In addition to quality, the amount of sleep is also important. In order to feel good and look beautiful, a woman needs to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Pay attention to the posture chosen for sleep. The position of “body” speaks of self-doubt. If in a dream the girl covers her head with her hands, she does not have enough support from her relatives. But the posture lying on his back during sleep says that the person does not have any problems, he is calm and pacified. It is this emotional mood that will allow you to have the best possible rest for the night.


Rule tenth: a pleasant awakening. In this matter, it is important how you spend the first half hour after sleep. The ideal time for recovery is from 6 to 8 am. The hormone cortisol produced by the body at this time will give you strength for the whole day. Do not get up right away by the alarm bell. Give yourself time to soak five minutes in bed and finally wake up.


  • Secondly, the alternation of warm and cold air flows can achieve the best result. In this case, the hair will become obedient, and the hair will fix for a long time.
  • Thirdly, when choosing a hair dryer, pay attention to such parameters as power, operating modes, airflow adjustment.


The number and types of attached attachments are not so important: it’s best to do styling with the help of combs.


Fourth, it is a mistake to think that special hair care products can protect them from the harmful effects of hot air. The film, formed after a mask or balm, saves the hair only for a short time.

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