Ingrown hair

How To Treat Ingrown Hair from Legs, Face, Scalp and Other body parts

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Ingrown hair is a problem not only for women, but for men as well.


Although in their case this happens less often, since the skin of a man is in itself coarser than a woman’s.


The process of ingrowth is when the hairs, which did not manage to break through the skin, sprout under the epithelium.


This changes the direction of hair growth.


Often this trouble causes pain, a feeling of discomfort.

Ingrown hair

The way to treat ingrown hair, everyone chooses for himself is different. But to take at least some action is necessary for sure.


How to treat ingrown hair and get rid of them forever?


At the present time, there are a number of very good cosmetic products that help women treat ingrown hairs.


They include glycerol and cyclical acids, which help purify the pores, renew the cells. And most importantly – prevent ingrown hairs on problem areas. You can use these specialized products in all places: legs, armpits, bikini zone, face. Yes, of course, they are not cheap, but the effect of them is astounding.


Applying specialized creams, to soften the skin, scrubs and wet wipes, you soften the top cover and release the road, to exit the hair.


Rasparet skin, taking a hot bath or shower. Hot water steals the skin, the pores open wider, and the hair itself is softer. This reduces the risk of inflammation due to bad treat of ingrown hair.


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How to treat ingrown hair with home remedies?


Fortunately, knowing how to treat ingrown hair can be successfully achievable using traditional medicine. The most effective and effective, to date, are the following recipes.


Recipe 1. Half a cup of salt, any that you have, diluted with an orange oil, about 2 teaspoons and body cream. And put on the right areas of the skin. Three, but cautiously, because – they are very scratching the skin. Wash off with warm water. Lubricate the skin with such a composition: cyclical acid + tincture of calendula in equal doses. And after all this, we nourish the skin with baby oil.


Recipe 2. To treat ingrown hairs, we prepare a mixture: a powder of a bodypack with hydrogen peroxide. Apply to the skin for 10-15 minutes before burning sensation. Wash off with warm water and nourish with cream or baby oil. We repeat the procedure for 5 days.


Recipe 3. Make the mixture: 2 tablets of aspirin dissolved in 100 gr. water. This solution is applied to the feet, the bikini zone and other areas after epilation. A little burns, but this treat is against ingrown hair is beautiful.


Recipe 4. Make a mixture of aspirin and glycerin. To treat the ingrown hair put on them and hold it for a while (1 – 2 hours). This mixture raises the hair to the surface. And you can remove it with tweezers.


Recipe 5. Take a fresh onion and cut it into two halves. Then attach one of the halves with a cut to the site affected by the inflammation and tightly bandage with a sterile bandage. After four hours, replace the used part of the bulb with a new one.


Continue the treat of ingrown hair until complete elimination of inflammation.


Recipe 6. Recipe for traditional medicine: Pound the homogeneous pulp into a baked onion and add to it a tablespoon of flour and honey. Gained ointment from time to time lubricate the place of ingrown hair can be treat able with this.


Recipe 7. If there are large foci of inflammation, sprinkle them with a special therapeutic powder. Prepare this remedy for getting to know how to treat ingrown hairs simply: enough to crush into powder incense, dried rose petals and aloe leaves. This procedure should be performed at least four times a day.


Remember that you can not squeeze out ingrown hair or treat them like this way, nor try to remove them with your hands, because the independent removal of them can lead to an even more intense inflammatory process, and on the site of ingrowth all kinds of neoplasms and pigmented spots may appear.


How to treat inflammation caused by ingrown hair?


If the inflammation has begun, then the only correct way out is to get rid of the ingrown as soon as possible and disinfect the wound. When the tip of the hair is above the surface of the scalp and it can be picked up with tweezers, we will try to wait two more days, of course, if there is no purulent process. Let the hair grow a little more, then we can pick it with tweezers and carefully pull it out, without seriously injuring the scalp/skin.


In the case where the hair is deep in the tissues, we will need to use a needle. The surface of the skin-tissues and the needle are disinfected and we remove the ingrown hair. Then place the wound with antibacterial soap


The causes and prevention of ingrown hair


What is the mechanics of the “ingrowth” of the hair? The problem is that the hair is only partially removed. At the same time, after the hair removal process, the skin on this site becomes more coarse and dense. The hair that begins to grow can not escape through the coarsened layer of the skin. He bends, changes his direction. Sprouting hair into the inner surface of the hair bulb, provokes the onset of the inflammatory process. This place, with ingrown hair, begins to itch and then it will be suppurated.


Ingrown hair in the skin-tissues can affect the face, legs, bikini zone. This is a slight irritation on the body in the form of red spots and acne, but very ugly.


Usually ingrown hair is after shaving or after hair removal procedures with the help of an electrodepilator. The first reason is that the hair after each removal is thinner, and it’s getting harder for it to break through the skin-tissues.


The second reason for ingrown hair is that we remove hair from their growth, rather than changing their growth angle. The causes of ingrown hair can also be:


  • Frequent hair removal or shaving;
  • Unsuitable type of hair removal;
  • Coarsening of the skin-tissues as a result of unsuitable cosmetics.
  • Prevention of ingrown ingrown hairs


The problem of ingrown hair after epilation worries probably many girls, since this problem has encountered none with them. Ingrown hair is a hair that can not grow from the follicle and remains under the skin-tissues, or one that twists and grows in the opposite direction.


There are many ways and methods to get rid of the problem forever, but beauticians recommend the most reliable and proven:


We can not completely stop shaving or epilation, especially women. Therefore, for prevention, you should do it strictly in the direction of hair growth.


For a few days, give up the razor. It can serve as an irritant or infect the wound. Give a little rest to your skin-tissues.


For the prevention of ingrown hairs, always use sprays, lotions, moisturizing creams before starting the shaving process. Dry skin is more prone to ingrowth. So try to develop a new habit to soften it.


If you were lucky enough to have a good smooth skin-tissues-system without inflammation, shave more often – this will protect against excess dryness and ingrownness.


Always use a sharp razor to prevent ingrown hairs.


Try to get razors with good quality knives.


Removing ingrown hairs is not a difficult process.


First, prepare a cool wet compress, attach it to the problem site. Let him lie for 5-10 minutes. Then you can remove the ingrown hair with tweezers. Be sure to take care of disinfection after the procedure. Treat with alcohol, peroxide or a lotion based on herbs.


Also there are means that are intended for the prevention of ingrown hairs. For example, apply a special lotion.


It will moisturize the skin-cells, remove irritation and redness. There are still sprays for the prevention for knowing how to treat ingrown hairs to get rid of them.


They are available with a cooling effect, also help in skin care – moisturize, disinfect.


After shaving it is desirable to rub the product (lotion or spray) throughout the day – at least 3-4 times. If you see the prerequisites for ingrownness, massage this place.

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