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Ultimate Recipes: How to Remove Dark Spots Easily and Faster

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Every woman would like to have a smooth, beautiful complexion.


But, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of this. Often on the skin there are pigmented spots that give the face an unhealthy and unattractive appearance.


However, despair is not necessary, because the modern beauty industry offers a huge number of different bleaching agents for the skin, which can get rid of problems with uneven complexion.


But at the same time, such an extensive range makes it difficult to choose a quality whitening product. In order not to make mistakes when buying a product for skin whitening, you need to have some knowledge.


So, the appearance of dark pigmented spots is caused by several reasons.

Remove Dark Spots

The most common change in skin color due to various inflammatory processes. Thus, to make Dark spots on the skin of the face, you need very little – you were bitten by an insect, you combed some skin area, and on this place soon appeared a non-vanishing dark spot. A similar phenomenon is called post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.


In some people this hyper-pigmentation is poorly expressed, in others it is bright. It depends on the complexion. So, on a darker skin, such spots will be darker, and more time will be required to get rid of them.


Sometimes this process takes from six months to one and a half years.


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Another cause of heterogeneous skin pigmentation is melanosis. If there is a sharp release of estrogen in the body, then a high level of production of pigment melanocytes may result from this. As a result, small brown spots appear on the cheeks, chin, forehead and around the mouth. More often, such processes in the female body occur during pregnancy or treatment with hormones, but it happens that the reason for this is the sun.


The influence of ultraviolet increases the difference between the natural color of the skin and the color of pigmented spots, so it is better not to appear in the sun without a sunscreen applied to the skin. Otherwise, ultraviolet rays will actively provoke the production of melanocytes.


Means for bleaching skin of face


Regardless of the reasons for the appearance of pigmented dark spots, the way to eliminate them remains unified. A few years ago, only products containing hydroquinone were used to lighten the skin. In various preparations, its concentration reached from 2 to 4%. However, they did not fit everyone, and the process of clarification took a very long time.


In order for clarification to occur faster and better, it is necessary to act immediately in two directions: a qualitative clarifying agent must remove dark spots and not cause the formation of melanin, which can change the skin color.


The process of pigmentation is stimulated by a special enzyme – tyrosinase, which greatly enhances the formation of melanin in the body. If you stop the production of tyrosinase, you can stop the appearance of dark spots.


So, as we said before, only one component used to lighten the skin, but at the present stage several active elements are used.




The most popular substance prevents the formation of tyrosinase in the body. True, it has side effects: it can cause irritation, active darkening of the treated foci, as well as lead to violations of embryonic development. In the US, this tool is available for free sale, but in Europe and South Africa hydroquinone is banned.


If you still decide to purchase hydroquinone as a clarifying agent, then its use should be discontinued after six months, if no noticeable improvement is noted.


There are also two other drugs, similar in their action to hydroquinone, but they have an undoubted merit in comparison with the latter: they do not cause irritation, pigmentation and mutations. This is an extract of madder and arbutin.


Marenov Extract


This clarifier is natural, but extracted from the leaves of tropical plants. He is also able to stop the process of education in the body of melanin.


The active substance in the extract of madder is Harounoside, a derivative of hydroquinone. Nevertheless, even with a similar chemical composition, the extract of madder is more effective and does not cause irritation.


Extract of Toloknyanka Pharmacy


The drug is also called arbutin because of the active substance contained in the extract of arbutin, which is a derivative of hydroquinone. The product is extracted from the bearberry leaves. It inhibits the activity of tyrosinase, and skin lightening occurs without any side effects.




It is possible to prevent the production of melanin in the body by completely eliminating sugar from the diet. It is the glucose molecules that contribute to the formation of tyrosinase. The substance Dithiaoctanediol is included in the composition of whitening agents in order to combat the pigmentation caused by sugar.


Lacritsa Extract


Liquorice contains glabridin, which also inhibits the formation of tyrosinase. This substance is completely harmless for melanocytes and keranocytes, and among other things, licorice is known as a good anti-inflammatory agent.


Gluconic Acid


Gluconic acid is also quite often one of the components of clarifying agents. It binds copper molecules at the chemical level, which contribute to the development of the tyrosinase pigment.


Polyacrylic Acid


Polyacrylic acid – a by-product of the life of a multi-colored lichen. More often this drug is used to treat acne, but it has a partial effect on active melanocytes.


Paper Tree Extract


This substance is also a natural preparation that inhibits the formation of tyrosinase. The extract of the paper tree does not cause irritation and allergic reaction, and therefore it is part of many clarifying preparations.


Soybean Acid


Koy acid, which is the product of the life activity of fungal organisms, is actively used as a clarifier in the East. This substance prevents the formation of tyrosinase, and with prolonged use is able to completely block the activity of melanocytes.


Vitamin C


All known vitamin C and some of its derivatives can reduce the formation of pigment melanin. These derivatives include L-ascorbic acid, ascorbic phosphates of magnesium and sodium. All these substances are antioxidants, which means that they are able to slow down the pigmentation process a little, destroying the active melanocytes.


How to Remove Skin from Pigmented dark Spots?


Above we talked about how to lighten the skin and prevent the appearance of new dark pigment spots, but sometimes there are old dark spots that need to be somehow removed or erased.



So, what is the pigmentation spot on the skin? These are cells that have lost color. It is possible to get rid of them with the help of fruit and salicylic acids, retinoids and travazes.


Tretinoin And Retinol


The substance tretinoin promotes the acceleration of cellular metabolism, thereby accelerating the exfoliation of the skin and helping to brighten the pigment spots. Tretinoin creates conditions in the cells in which melanocytes do not have time to be modified into keratinocytes that cause skin pigmentation.

How to Remove Dark Spots


As for retinol, it is an analog of tretinoin, available on free sale. In this retinol is somewhat more aggressive than tretinoin, and therefore it should be used very carefully and only after consulting with a cosmetologist. In addition, the use of retinol can lead to dry skin and peeling.


Glycolic Acid


Fruit acids help accelerate the process of “erasing” the dead pigmented cells. Most of the fruit acids are glycolic and lactic acids. They are often part of the clarifying cosmetic preparations.




Travase – a protease enzyme – cleaves the intercellular substance, thereby breaking the bonds between the cells. As a result, exfoliation of dead cells takes place. Together with this, the herbase improves the absorption of substances that reduce the production of melanin pigment.


Exfoliation, Or Peeling


Exfoliation is an excellent way to prevent melanosis, eliminating dead pigmented cells from the skin, and also contributing to better lightening agents entering the skin.


Exfoliation can be mechanical and chemical. But choosing one way or another, it is necessary to ensure that there is no occurrence of new inflammatory processes. If exfoliation caused skin irritation, it can also cause pigmentation.


Remember that the process of skin lightening is very long and can take a lot of time. And having achieved the desired result, do not forget that you need to constantly protect the skin from exposure to sunlight.


Basics of Discoloration


  1. Clarifier is applied strictly to the pigmented spot, selecting only the most prominent areas of color.


  1. If there are no obvious pigment spots, but many freckles, do not use a clarifier. It is better to choose a safer agent that can be applied to large areas of the skin.


  1. Take care that the clarifier does not get on the healthy skin. If this happens, then the area of ​​healthy skin will also change its color.


  1. Once you have achieved the desired result, stop using the clarifier immediately. Otherwise, the pigmentation spots, which used to be darker than the skin, will become lighter.


  1. During the treatment of the skin with a clarifier, carefully protect it from exposure to sunlight. To do this, every day you need to apply a sunscreen over the clarifier.


Whitening pigment spots


What to do? We can only take care of ourselves with the help of fruit acids, which are contained in the current means for caring for pigmented skin or peeling kits, because once the horny scales are peeling off, dark spots also decrease.


One of the main rules of the fight against freckles is that all cosmetics should be selected, only taking into account the features of their own skin. Of course, in such a difficult matter, first and foremost, the cosmetician will help. Turning to him, you in a few minutes will know what is right for you, because each person is universal. If there is no possibility to visit a specialist, then you can select the funds yourself, however this will take months.


The third and most accessible option for all is the use of the gifts of nature. For a long time already known cucumber mask with its amazing abilities of whitening the skin, as well as returning her tone. Juices from cucumber, strawberry, currant and lemon can be used separately. Such masks should be washed off with a solution of lemon juice.


However, this method will not give quick results, it will take weeks to notice the effect. And this slowness is typical for masks at home, and for specialized creams. Do not be zealous with this method, because the skin is weakened, becomes even more sensitive to the ultrafilaete, this leads to the appearance of light spots, which also we do not need.


Vitamin C is the main ingredient for all specialized remedies for the removal of pigmented formations. To get rid of freckles, it is worth eating more apples, drinking various decoctions of rose hips and actively eating acid cabbage.


In skin care, it is recommended to use lemon juice, wiping their face daily, if there is dryness, you need to add water. It is also worthwhile to wash with sour-milk products, and with discomfort of various kinds, use a nutritious cream.


However, the most useful way to deal with freckles is the active use of sun protection creams with a high content of necessary substances and as many attempts to avoid sunshine, direct sunlight.


Peeling from age spots


For millions of women, the presence of pigmentation spots has become a serious problem. Smooth and beautiful complexion gives freshness and youth. But what to do if there are brown spots on the cheeks, forehead and chin? To get rid of this problem it is possible, applying a peeling from pigmentary stains and protecting a skin from the harmful factors causing occurrence of chloasma. There are three main stages: restoring care, chemical peeling and bleaching masks.


Restorative care


It is necessary to wipe the face with bleaching lotions. This is an important step in the fight against the appearance of pigment spots and for the ideal skin color. The most deserved fighter is a decoction of parsley. It is made as a regular broth, but after cooling it is poured into ice molds. It is necessary to wipe the face, the decollete area and the neck with ice, until it feels numb, better in the morning. This procedure will not only whiten the skin, but also significantly increase its tone.


Chemical peeling from age spots


This is the most effective way in the fight against pigment spots, allowing to lighten the skin, updating the upper layer of the epithelium. After the procedure, the skin begins to regenerate, and the stain brightens and disappears. If there is no possibility to trust a professional cosmetologist, then you can conduct the procedure yourself. The main thing is to trust the senses and stop in time.


In order to perform a chemical peel from the pigment spots at home, you will need a drill (1 part), water (5 parts). Kashitsu should be applied to the skin and wait until it dries completely. After rinsing, a moisturizing cream should be applied to the skin.


The course is 5 procedures, not more than once a week. The skin needs rest, since such a peeling injures the skin.


During the procedure, the burning sensation is felt, and after peeling, the skin begins to turn red, sometimes peeling off.


Redness is maintained depending on the skin type, sometimes the whole day.


Final words:


In case you are not satisfied with this content or guidance and want more on this then you can comment below, but we are well sure and 100% on the point that you should try on of the above already tested and experienced methods which will guide you and help you in remove dark spots from face or any other area of your beautiful body.


Do body care with our other guides and don’t let yourself be in problem by experimenting these methods on others.


Before doing anything with acids or any type of chemicals you should ask to a specialist and know what really happens after you apply something which have a ratio of 1 to 5% acids or chemicals used in.


We don’t recommend any product unless we are 100% sure about that product and we test or read reviews of testers on online platforms and after that we recommend every product on this website.


Thanks for reading and be with us for getting more on same topics or related to make yourself beautiful and amazing in days even we have some guides which can convert yourself into a beautiful body.


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