how to make your nose look smaller

How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller and Beautiful?

May 18, 2017admin

Got a big nose? or don’t want to show your nose to your friends and loved ones because that is so big and unnatural.


Maybe you love your nose because of its big size but believe me, there are so many people who don’t like even do hate big noses.


Also, the one may you love got some same thoughts then what you can do? the only thing which you can do for this problem is to cure it and make it look smaller.


Here we are answering to your question “how to make your nose look smaller” in a low cost and at home way.

how to make your nose look smaller

So before searching for any other web-page let’s read and learn for free.


Method:1 The Technology


This is plastic. Plastic surgery is very effective in coping with this problem. But for such a method there are a lot of contraindications.


And not everyone will decide to lie under the surgeon’s knife. Therefore, we will not consider this way deeply, and we recommend it not to us, it is still the work of specialists. But something can be discussed.



Such a method will allow you not to think about this problem. And you do not have to make every effort to help the nose look smaller.

Many complexes may disappear, and this very often helps to change their lives for the better.

Also with the sizes it is possible to correct various external deviations and physical problems of this body.



You can make a mistake in choosing a clinic or specialist. And this may not satisfy you, but disappoint. And cause great damage to your health, both physical and mental.

No matter what, but it’s still an operation. And therefore, there may be different postoperative negative consequences. It is always worth remembering this.

The postoperative period is quite large. That is, you will still have a very long time swelling with bruises under the eyes , you will feel all the “charms” of healing. And naturally it is necessary to limit itself in many respects.


Method:2 The Home Ways


You can learn the secrets of contour makeup. This will help you periodically change the visual appearance of your face. This method is good for those who want to emphasize their dignity and repair the shortcomings with the help of conventional cosmetics. There is one truth, but we must not forget that your proboscis will not become shorter in reality, and its length will still be visible in profile.

You can choose a certain make-up for yourself, which will help to hide your shortcomings by using a foundation, powder or shadows.

Many prefer to use powder, because it is easier to shade.

If you decide to help yourself with shadows, then shimmering shadows are better to exclude at once, matt ones are most likely to fit here.

Shadows are better to look those that are a couple of shades darker than your skin.

But a foundation or powder is better to choose a couple of tones lighter.

Do not forget that the makeup itself depends on the good brushes and other make-up tools. Therefore, it is worth taking the right choice.

Apply a foundation as a foundation for make-up, it will help to smooth out the skin tone, hide flaws. Also it will help makeup make better.

Using a brush, beveled, you must draw a thin line in the center of the nozzle. Try to create a line, as thin as possible, so that the nose does not look visually wider. It starts with the bridge of the nose, then moves to the tip. The line does not need to be wrapped under the tip.

The corrective tool with which you draw a line should be shaded.

With the help of shadows, you can give the spout elegance and subtlety. In this case, too, a beveled brush is useful. Shadows should be applied to the tip from the inner edge of the eye. Then shade.

If you want wide nostrils to appear smaller, you can put shadows on the wings of your nostrils.

To your proboscis seemed shorter, you can put a shadow under the tip of the nose.

In order to smooth all these manipulations from above, use a special brush to apply powder.


Method:3 The Tricks on How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller


This method suggests to divert attention from problems with the nose.


You can use bright lipstick, she will take most of the attention. For a more beautiful lip contour, you can use a pencil.

Do not get involved in eye make-up. It is not necessary to paint eyes strongly. This draws attention to the center of the face.

Also, you can distract attention by correctly choosing a hairstyle.

It can be a hair dress with a direct parting.

Hairstyle in the form of a cascade , so that the strands framed the face.

Waves or curls will not be bad.

A small mess on your head.

You can focus on the volume of hair behind.

You can pick the right accessories. In this case, bright and shiny decorations will do. You can pick up a hat. Points are better to choose with a thick frame.


Method:4 The Fitness


However strange it may sound, today’s exercises for the nose are gaining popularity . They are recommended to help those who want at least a little to change the shape of this part of the body.


The simplest exercise can be done anywhere. It is necessary to compress the nostrils with your fingers for several minutes and you can breathe. This exercise is done three times a day. Many who tried on their own gymnastics claim that the form of “shnobel” is changing in a couple of months. This exercise is not bad for those who have a nose with potatoes.


Two packets of tea leaves, cooled in the refrigerator, attach to the wings of the nostrils and squeeze, it is recommended to hold such sachets for several minutes. After cool again, packets and repeat the procedure more than once during the day.


You need to put your elbows on the table. Tip the tip with your fingers and lift it upwards. In this position, try to reach the upper lip to the chin. So it is necessary to do about forty times in a row, several times a day. If in the early days your proboscis looks puffy, you should not be worried.


Also, when typing and weight loss, the shape of your nose can change. When the weight decreases, it becomes sharper, but smaller. And when there is a set of weight, on the contrary looks more massive.




Probably before solving problems with such a question: “how to make your nose look smaller?”, It is advisable to contact a psychologist. Most likely, as such, the problem does not exist. And all the ills are up to the mark.


Most women try to exaggerate most of the problems and make money on an equal place complexes. Sometimes, vice versa can become a feature or worthiness of appearance. After all, if you consider your shortcoming on the other hand, then it can be the most important highlight.


One must always remember that every woman is individual and beautiful in her own way. And we must always appreciate what is given to you by nature, because starting something active in yourself to change we can cause great harm to health.

And the results of changes can be deplorable.

Therefore, you must first love yourself. And then the whole world around you will love you for sure.


In the end, the nature! Nature is everything for human being and we should try to convert ourselves towards it.


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