How to Make your Hair Dry Faster

How to Make your Hair Dry Faster even Without a Dryer

June 9, 2017admin

Not always at hand is a hair dryer, which greatly simplifies the life of a modern person.


Girls and women resort to various tricks, wishing to dry their hair without using the appliance.


It is quite possible, you need only a couple of towels, comb and simple cosmetics.


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Long hair will dry for 20-25 minutes, short – for 5-7 minutes.

How to Make your Hair Dry Faster

We will analyze the steps step-by-step to know how to make your hair dry faster even without a dryer.


Some quick and easy methods for Hair Dry


Wash the head with shampoo, but do not use a conditioner or conditioner. Such cosmetic products form a film on the hair, restraining moisture.

Collect the wet strands in the tail with one hand, the other from the scalp along the entire length, removing excess water. Twist the tail into a tourniquet to better curl the curls.

Heat a terry towel or a cotton towel with an iron. You can use heating appliances. After that, wrap your head and wait 5 minutes.

Remove the towel, divide the hair into small strands and wipe each of them. Pay more attention to the roots.

Comb the curls with a comb with flat wide teeth or use a massage brush (not metal). Divide the hair into two parts. Collect the first section in the arm, grasping in the middle of the length. Comb the tips well, gradually move up. Repeat the second side.

With a flat comb or hands, divide the hair into many thin strands. Take paper towels and carefully wipe each curl, collecting moisture.

Again comb the hair, head down and shake it well. The air will circulate, due to what the strands dry faster. Raise the curls at the roots, so that after drying your hair, it turns out to be voluminous. Often spend your fingers on the scalp, until they stop accumulating moisture.

After that, shake your head again, imitating the rocker. Well, if you have enough strength to perform actions for about 5 minutes, during this time, the hair will dry up completely. An alternative is “shaking the tips”. Grab the curls for the ends and shake them in different directions to ensure the flow of air.


No just these quick methods we got some more effective methods to your question of how to make your hair dry faster, which you can read below.


How to dry short hair without using a hair dryer?


After washing your head with shampoo, do not use conditioner. It retains moisture in the hair shaft, so that they dry 30% longer.

At the end of the procedure, stroke the hair several times to make the glasses excess water. Wrap them with a towel, wait 5 minutes.

Begin to rub your head with intense movements, you can shake your head for greater effect.

Apply mousse for styling on the strand, tilt your head down. Take a massage brush with natural bristles or a wooden comb, several times walk from the roots to the tips.

Carefully study the basal area, lift your hair with your hands to give volume. Well comb the strands on the vertex and occiput, in these places they dry the longest.

Again, wipe the hair with a towel. Now comb the comb with sparse teeth from the tips to the roots to untangle the strands. Do this until the hair is dry.

You can use brushing to form natural curls. Screw hair on the comb at the roots, wait 30 seconds, go to the next strand.

After the procedure, fix your hair with a lacquer, so that the hair does not tumble.


Practical recommendations for drying hair without a hair dryer


The natural drying of long hair can be combined with styling. You will need barber clamps or medium sized crabs. Divide the hair into thin curls, twist them into a tourniquet or braid the braids. Fold the strands in a circle and lock. Simple actions make hair wavy without any effort.


If there is no ridge at hand, replace it with your own fingers. Brush your hair until you create the desired shape of your hair. Strands are negligent, it is recommended to comb them with a massage brush, make a tail or braid not a tight braid.

Well absorbed moisture terry, linen, bamboo and cotton fabrics. They consist of natural fibers, so do not damage the hair. For long curls you need 2-3 towels, for short enough one.

Hair is better to dry upside down, periodically taking a horizontal position. Such actions are similar to the work of a hair dryer, they create a natural air circulation.

In the warm season dry your hair in the fresh air, go out to the balcony or to the loggia. The air should not be wet.

Many girls use a vacuum cleaner instead of a hair dryer, a gas or electric stove, and a fan. After the first device, the curls will become dirty, they will have to be washed again. The plate can deprive you of your hair, or most of it. The fan blows cold air, you will easily get sick or catch a cold.

When drying hair with a towel, you need to change it every 5 minutes. Use only dry and warm cloth.

After washing your hair, apply serum or a gel to your hair for easy combing. Cosmetics do not retain moisture, do not weighed strands and gives shine to your hair.

Long hair will dry faster if processed locally. Divide the head of hair by straight parting into 3-4 parts, treat each section separately.

If the hair is washed in the evening before going to bed, just wipe them with a towel and lie down to rest. Do not need to twist the strands once again into a tourniquet or traumatize them in other ways.


At hand was not a hair dryer, and you need to dry your hair urgently?


The problem is solved.


Short strands are intensively processed with a wooden comb and towel, give them the desired shape with a round comb.


Long dry upside down, combing them with your hands. Never use household appliances (vacuum cleaner, cooker, fan).


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