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7 Simple Tips on How to Lighten Your Hair Naturally at Home

May 7, 2017admin

Every woman has a desire to change her image.


One of the easiest ways is painting your hair.


Our article is devoted to how to properly lighten hair at home and what tools you can take on board.


The biggest problem of the bleached and discolored hair is their dryness and fragility, as well as deterioration of the appearance.


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That’s why it’s so important to choose the right means for Lighten Your Hair.

Lighten Your Hair

Care for these hair must include their nutrition and hydration.


We suggest you to prepare some methods, means for lightening hair yourself, from natural products, using in home ways of lightening the hair, time-tested.


Their undoubted advantages – availability, as well as the possibility of using at home.


Lighten Your Hair with hydrogen peroxide


We will not say that this method of clarification is the best, since peroxide spoils the hair. However, lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide makes it possible to cope with the task set on dark hair, the color of which is changed to a lighter shade more difficult.


In addition – it is the fastest. For dry fine hair, absorbent moisture, a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide is required, for concentrated hair, the concentration of the solution is significantly increased.


Lightening of dark hair is not an easy task, since it is more difficult for such hair to oxidize the natural pigment. Carrying out the procedure of clarification, it is necessary to be very vigilant in order to avoid getting a serious skin burn. Addition of ammonia (5-6 drops to 50-60 g of solution) also accelerates the reaction, but its excess gives the hair a rusty hue.


The composition for clarifying hair with hydrogen peroxide is prepared immediately before painting, as the oxygen from the composition begins to be released immediately, while still in the dishes.


Clarifying hair with glycerin


Despite the appearance of a large number of professional cosmetics for lightening hair, even such as shampoo for Lighten Your Hair, lightening the hair with home remedies does not lose its popularity. Another important assistant of women is glycerine.


With the help of glycerin, masks are prepared for lightening the hair. To prepare them take 50 grams of chamomile and pour boiling water, and then insist 2 hours.


The resulting infusion is filtered, 60 g of glycerol are added. The mask is applied to the hair, wrapping the head with a film and held for 30-40 minutes, and then rinsed off with warm water. Clarifying the hair with glycerin will make the hair lighter by one tone.


Lighten Your Hair with chamomile


The most famous and simple method of giving the hair a gentle light golden color is the clarification of the hair with chamomile. From dried flowers prepare a strong broth: 2 tablespoons. Dried flowers hover in boiling water under the lid 10 min.


The resulting infusion sticks and filters. The hair is thoroughly washed with shampoo, and then use the infusion of chamomile flowers as an air conditioner. Lightening the hair with home remedies gives the chamomile a palm tree of primacy in naturalness and safety.


Lighten Your Hair with lemon


How many peoples, as many methods of lightening hair. Fashion for lightening hair with lemon came to our Slavic lands from the beauties of the East, for which this problem never lost relevance due to a very dark hue of hair. That is why the clarification of dark hair home remedies is often based on the technique of applying lemon, or rather contained in the fruit of citric acid.


Lighten Your Hair with honey


Quite a few people know that honey has an effect on hair, similar to the effect of hydrogen peroxide. This method of clarification has a long history and is included in the honorable column of methods of lightening hair home remedies and careful care for them.


At the beginning of the procedure, the head is washed with shampoo, adding ¼ tsp to it. Soda. On wet hair, a honey mask is applied to lighten hair – this is warm honey. We apply it evenly over the entire length of the hair and we knit the head under a film and a towel. The maximum effect you can get if you leave honey on your hair for a whole night. Lightening the hair with honey not only refreshes their color, but significantly improves the overall condition of the hair, making them healthy and incredibly beautiful.


This natural product is clearly beneficial. Lighten Your Hair with honey reviews brings exceptionally positive, as the hair becomes incredibly soft and radiate health.


Lightening mask of lemon and honey


This version of the mask contains the following components: 4 lemons, 0.5 l of vinegar, 20 g of dry calendula and chamomile, 50 g of honey (acacia), 30 g of rhubarb root and 50 g of alcohol.


Lightening of black hair you can carry out including with the application of this recipe. For cooking, take the rhubarb and pour it with vinegar and boil it for 10 minutes. We add chamomile, calendula, juice of 2 lemons to the broth, and boil the mixture for 5 minutes. To cold broth, add honey, alcohol and juice of the remaining 2 lemons.


In order to hold a gentle lightening of hair, it is enough to dilute 1 tablespoon. Of the mixture obtained in 1 liter of water and rinse the hair with a solution after washing. For a stronger effect, the broth is applied for half an hour. The most important thing is not to overdo it, because lemon and alcohol dry your hair and make them brittle.


Oils for lightening hair


Clarifying oil from FarmaVita (Italy) gently brightens the hair for 1-4 tones. At the same time, oil for lightening hair causes minimal harm. The result after its application remains unchanged for several months, so you will have to tint only the roots.


The oil can only be lightened by natural hair, giving them soft warm shades. Correct clarification of hair will give dark-blond hair a golden-red tinge, and fair-haired – amber-honey color.

Oils for lightening hair are very convenient in home use, besides they are very economical. Lightening of the hair at home begins with the dilution of the composition with an oxidizer in the proportion of 1: 2.


About the clarification of the “FarmaVita” oil, you can safely say that this is a natural hair clarification, because it includes: rosemary, thyme extract, nettle, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, caraway, fennel, conditioning additives and antistatic agents.


Lightening hair oil “Solaris” EUGENE PERMA (France) is one level higher than “FarmaVita” and has a similar effect. With oil, you can mimic the natural lightening of hair in the sun. To create the effect of burnt hair, you must mix in equal parts oil, oxidizer and shampoo, and then apply to the hair and hold for 5-10 minutes. As the oil flushes out its own pigment, the hair dyed by it does not change color over time and does not fade.


If ways of lightening hair with purchased oils of expensive brands are not to your liking, you can use lemon oil, which will resemble the lightening of hair with lemon juice or lightening hair with vinegar.


Every woman has the right to choose what means she should use to restore order on her head.


The main thing is that the chosen remedy does not carry negative consequences.


Lighten Your Hair with home methods helps to solve the problem of giving the hair a lighter shade in the most gentle way.


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