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How to Get Rid of Warts at Home with easy tips

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Almost every one of us in childhood suffered from the appearance of nasty warts on the arms, legs and other parts of the body.


Nobody knew the reason for their appearance, they appeared on their own and as often disappeared.


However, there are cases when an unpleasant new formation “sits” for years, not only is it not aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time it causes a lot of troubles, interferes with work, inflames.


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Only specialists know that warts appear from the spread of the virus, and their occurrence is most often attributed to the syndrome of dirty hands in children.

get rid of warts

To infect warts it is possible through a handshake or contact with an infected surface in transport, pool, school, shop in the presence of even small wounds.


How to get rid of warts and no longer have them!


Methods of getting rid of warts will be effective only if you correctly determine the nature of the virus. To treat the appearance of a neoplasm should be taken with all seriousness, since a benign wart can develop into a huge evil.


Common warts are dense nodules measuring 0.2 cm – 0.5 cm. A specialist can determine in this case a maternal wart, after the destruction of which, all the others disappear automatically. This kind of beard can appear at any age.


The nature of the appearance of juvenile warts (vulgar) is not fully understood, they can spontaneously appear, stay 1 – 2 months and also disappear in one day. If it’s a virus, it’s not particularly corrosive.


The most painful and sometimes requiring compulsory treatment is the plantar wart, which sometimes reaches 10 mm in diameter. When scraping its upper part, black papillae, roots, which should be removed, are exposed. Only with complete elimination of the focus of infection plantar wart will not multiply and disappear forever.


Older people, although now young, literally suffer from papillomas, which are the same warts, only they grow on legs. To get rid of this skin damage can only complex treatment, including cleaning the entire body and deep removal of each tumor.


It is advisable, without consulting specialists, not to engage in self-medication . An experienced cosmetologist always tells you whether you can get rid of warts at home in this or that case.


Venereologists, urologists, gynecologists determine methods of getting rid of a variety of warts that appear on the genitals.


Medicine offers wart destruction in several ways: by means of liquid nitrogen, laser, electric current or surgically. More gentle is the way to get rid of warts at home.


To get rid of warts forever, you can only one way – to strengthen immunity, to determine the nature of all viruses and to treat them.


Get rid of warts at home – is it difficult?


Before you start getting rid of warts at home, you should be sure that the new growth is a wart, not a mole, a callus, or a cancerous tumor.


There are several ways to get rid of warts at home.


Doctors, as a rule, recommend to work on warts locally, applying them with a brush or a special stick of an aggressive medium, these can be acids:


  • Carbohydrate;


  • Nitrogen;


  • Salicylic;


  • trichloroacetic and others.


As a burning medium, pure celandine juice is effective.


The acid is applied either once or several days in a row. The easiest way to apply solutions to yourself on your hands, but to remove warts in the folds of the skin need help, especially when it comes to papillomas. Most importantly, apply a corrosive compound on the root or leg to burn this place.


The disadvantage of this method is that a burn occurs , while blood vessels are touched, which means that the virus can spread throughout the body, and then new warts will appear completely in a new place.


Deciding to get rid of warts at home in this way, you should remember that this procedure is effective, but painful if you use acids. A much more sparing, but more long-lasting one is the way of wart destruction by folk methods.


How to get rid of warts at home: herbs, lotions, infusions


Making sure that we have a wart just before us, and not another tumor, we can start to remove the warts. In each particular case, you should be extremely cautious.


Our task will be to destroy the wart, but do not damage the skin around it. In this case, a piece of the plaster will help, inside which is cut a hole the size of a wart. Healthy skin around the wart can be pre-lubricated with a protective cream.


  1. The most effective in the fight against warts “proven” themselves with garlic tinctures . Since these compounds are very aggressive, they should be kept away from children and must be signed so as not to be confused with something else.


In apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup, add the crushed 2 – 3 slices of garlic, we insist 2 weeks and can use, gently lubricating the affected area twice a day.


Garlic Ointment is prepared from 1 tsp. Garlic cloves, 1 tsp. Pork lard melted, and 2 tbsp. Apple cider vinegar. An adhesive plaster with a hole is superimposed on the wart, protecting the healthy skin. On the open part of the wart we put ointment, cover with a piece of bandage, but do not use cellophane, and fix it with a bandage for the night.


Do not want to prepare a tincture or ointment, then just cut a garlic slice on the plates and attach to the wart with a patch for the night, changing the pieces daily.


  1. Scarlet used to grow in every house, but now it will not be difficult to find it. That method is good because it does not threaten to burn, but it will take longer.


On the steamed section of the wart, and this can be done with a cotton swab, applying a warm soda solution to the affected area and holding for a few seconds, attach a piece of aloe cut into a fleshy part to the wart and secure with a bandage or adhesive plaster overnight. So do a few nights in a row until the wart disappears.


There might be more effective methods which you know about, and we want to know them too. So please comment down your tips and ask questions too.



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