How to Get Rid of Keloids

Learn How to Get Rid of Keloids (scares) in Many Ways

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Here we are going to talk about “how to get rid of keloids by many ways” so you can get a beautiful body of your own without any frustration.


If you are one of the targets of this problem then you should don’t worry much about it because its a heal-able thing and we are addressing you here to the right solutions.


So lets get started:


Immunologists, cosmetologists and other medical specialists are in search of factors leading to the formation of a keloid.

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How to Get Rid of Keloids

If the doctors accurately determine the cause of the appearance of keloid scars, the treatment will be much easier to conduct.


There will be an opportunity to eradicate the problem, even before the keloid is formed on the human body.


Causes of Keloid Scars


“Ugly”, “repulsive” – ​​such epithets are accompanied by the appearance on the body of a keloid. This kind of scars is the least studied, it is difficult to remove, not always therapy leads to the long-awaited disposal of a cosmetic defect. Researchers call among the possible causes of keloid formation immune malfunctions, endocrine diseases, hereditary predisposition. Among the factors, whose role recently scientists try to understand, is a violation of the functions of the nervous system.


There are cases of spontaneous keloid formation – without previous injuries. Such phenomena occur rarely and remain a mystery for doctors.


Keloid – a fairly rare phenomenon, often in place of wounds and burns formed normo-trophic scars. The surface of such scars is on par with normal healthy skin. Keloid scars also occur after injuries, burns, can appear on the site of piercing, an insect bite.


Pathological tissue fills not only the focus of primary lesion. Keloid rises above the surface of the skin, spreads out in breadth, acquires a cyanotic shade.


Features of keloid


In many ways, such scars differ from normo-trophic and atrophic scars. The formation process is associated with cellular clusters, the continued existence in the immature state of the elements of connective tissue: fibers, inter cellular substance.


The development of the scar of the usual structure is completed one year after the trauma. The scar acquires a stable appearance, does not increase in size. The keloid scar also shows activity, for many years the growth of its tissues continues.


Let’s enumerate the characteristic features by which you can recognize the keloid cicatrix:


Occupies the skin area more than was under the initial damage;

Has a dense consistency;

Color – pink or cyanotic;

Surface – smooth or bumpy;

Clear boundaries with a healthy cover cloth;

More common in dark-skinned people;

Appears usually on the auricle, in the region of the chest, joints, on the face.


Keloid is the reason for seeking qualified help from a plastic surgeon, a cosmetologist.


For a number of external signs, keloids resemble hypertrophic scars. Only a specialist will accurately determine the type and outline an adequate treatment strategy.


A distinctive feature of the hypertrophic rumen is the coincidence of its size with the focus of the damaged skin, there is only an elevation above it. Keloid borders sometimes significantly exceed the initial trauma.


How to remove keloid scars


Keloid bothers a person not only with an unassuming appearance. Usually with this cosmetic defect associated with such unpleasant sensations as pruritus, tingling, burning or pain in the affected area. Within 5 years, keloid scars are considered young, then their condition is stabilized, which gives reason to consider pathological tissue less active.

Get Rid of Keloids

Old formations do not have a bright shade, the surface becomes pale, dull and wrinkled. The preferred method of treatment depends on the age, the type of defect, the activity of the pathological process.


General recommendations on how to get rid of keloid scars:


Do not squeeze out, do not pick a suspicious bump on the skin;

Do not attempt to burn the formation of chemical reagents;

On questions of local application of creams, ointments to address to the cosmetician;

Limit visiting of a bath, a sauna, a sun deck, a beach.


Keloids are treated by surgical methods, excision of keloid scars is applied, there are variants of conservative therapy. In addition, experts recommend the use of radiation therapy, cryodestruction. As for the first method, it is necessary to consider the possibility of negative influence on the overall health, the patient’s body.


A major role in conservative treatment of keloid scars is given to ultrasound therapy, electro-photophoresis and phonophoresis. Apply ointments and gels of not one action, but multi-directional, so that the process of resorption of pathological tissue is more active. A well-proven method of treatment, such as the use of ointments that have a resolving effect.


The drug “cari-pain” – a complex, contains in its composition an enzyme from the juice of papaya (plant). The active component of the drug cleaves the protein into peptides and amino acids, they are removed from the affected area along with other metabolic products.


The result of the action of the plant enzyme becomes equalization of the skin surface, increase the elasticity of the integumentry tissue. The drug also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, inhibits microorganisms.


In addition to daddy, in the composition of the drug “cari-pain” there are substances that enhance the action of the enzyme, hyaluronic acid and glucose-mine. The use of the drug promotes healing of the scar. Active components guide the regeneration processes along the path of creating a stable structure. In the area of ​​skin defect, the synthesis and formation of fibers, cells, and inter-cellular substance normally proceeds.


Among the methods of treatment a special role belongs to the traditions of traditional medicine.


Treatment of keloid scars with folk remedies is not only the collection and use of medicinal herbs, the use of bee products.


Healthy lifestyle, enrichment of the diet with vitamins, micro elements also contribute to cure. Smooths the keloid scars of calendula oil, help procedures with essential oils.


Rosemary, tea tree, incense, rosewood are suitable.


Final touches:


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