How to Get Bigger Lips

How to Get Bigger Lips at Home and Look Sexier

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Here is what you need to read if you want to make your lips bigger and look more beautiful and sexier just by baking some home remedies. Lets read how to get bigger lips and look more younger and sexy.


Seductive, plump lips – this is the cherished dream of many women, especially those whom nature has deprived of this luxurious gift.


According to many glossy magazines, when acquainting with a woman, the man primarily pays attention to the lips.


Unfortunately, not every girl can boast of seductive, puffy lips.


But the situation can be fundamentally corrected – and for this it is absolutely not necessary to contact a plastic surgeon.


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You can also increase your mouth at home – for this there is a huge number of simple and effective ways.

How to Get Bigger Lips


Exercises to get bigger lips


Plastic surgery offers women a quick increase in sponges due to various surgical techniques, but not every woman decides to lie down under the knife of the surgeon.

Any operation is fraught with many dangers and severe consequences – from various complications to a long recovery period.


That is why an increasing number of women resort to various home methods of getting bigger lips, which can be easily applied at home.


One of the most simple and effective ways to get bigger lips at home is gymnastics.


Regular performance of a set of special exercises leads to the growth of muscle tissue, which is visually expressed in the increase in the size of the lips. During the first month, each exercise is recommended to be performed at least 2 times a day, after that, only once a day .


Try to stretch your lips as much as possible forward and alternately strain and relax the muscles of the face. This exercise is called “respiration of the fish.”

Holding your mouth tightly closed, imagine that you are chewing something and making smooth chewing movements. “Chew” for several minutes.

Whistling is an excellent exercise for enlarging the lips. Just for a few minutes whistling your favorite tunes, trying to lay down your mouth with a tube and pull it forward.

An amusing, but extremely effective exercise is a demonstration of the language. Slightly open your mouth and pull the tongue out as much as possible, hold it for a few seconds. Repeat the exercise.

Pull your lips forward and imagine that you are blowing a dandelion or blowing out a candle. Try to repeat this movement several times, then relax your face muscles as much as possible.

Collect air, inflate your cheeks, and make up your lips with a tube. Exhale the air – first slowly, then quickly. Repeat the exhalation several times.

For the beauty and volume of the lips it is very useful to slowly, gently sing some vowel sounds – especially close attention should be paid to the sounds of A, O, Y, I. Sing the sounds out loud, stretching them and lingering for a few seconds.



Imagine that you are preparing for a kiss – extend your lips forward as far as possible and try to reach them to the tip of the nose. Repeat the exercise 25 times.

Close your lips tightly and try to smile without opening your mouth. Repeat 20 times.

Lightly bite your teeth alternately upper and lower lips for a minute. This causes increased blood flow to the desired area, resulting in the lips visually increasing in size, becoming more plump and bulky.


How to visually enlarge the lips


Correctly selected makeup can change the shape of the lips in a matter of seconds – making them more attractive, plump and bulky. For this it is enough to know a few simple tricks.


It should be remembered that lipstick of dark tones visually narrows and reduces the shape of the mouth, while light shades, on the contrary, give the lips volume and juiciness.

When using lipstick saturated, dark colors, make sure to use the advice of world-famous make-up artists – put on the center of the lower lip a droplet of transparent lip gloss, directly on top of the lipstick. This simple technique, known to all makeup artists, will give lips a sexual swelling and volume.

Today, the cosmetics industry offers women a wide selection of different lipsticks, lip balms and lip glosses, which include active ingredients such as menthol, lemon balm, red pepper, ginger. These products have a warming or cooling effect, as a result of such an active effect, microcirculation of the blood becomes more intense, the mouth becomes more complete and voluminous.

Before applying the lipstick, cover the area of ​​the lips with a concealer or a tonal cream, then gently draw the outline with a neutral contour pencil for the lips, receding from the natural border of the lips by several millimeters. Do not be too zealous with indentation, as this will not look natural. Apply lip gloss over lipstick.

And remember – gloss or lipstick with a creamy, glossy texture visually increase, matte lipstick makes the mouth a little narrower and thinner. Especially, if it is a question of matt lipsticks of trendy dark shades – cherry, plum, burgundy.


Masks for lip augmentation


There is a huge amount of means to increase the lips, which can be used at home. For example, honey massage works well. On the skin, apply a little natural honey, then gently massage the skin with a soft-bristled toothbrush for several minutes. After the massage, apply a nourishing body cream on the skin.


Excellent mask of hot red pepper. For its preparation, thoroughly chop the pepper, pour the resulting gruel with warm water and leave for an hour. Blend the mixture on the skin of the mouth and leave for 10-15 minutes. In case of a feeling of severe burning and discomfort, immediately flush the product off the skin.


A mask made of cinnamon can for a long time give lips a swelling and volume. It is prepared very simply – mix 1 teaspoon of dried cinnamon powder, natural honey and vegetable oil. It is best to take olive, almond, coconut or peach oil. All components must be thoroughly mixed until a uniform consistency is obtained, then apply to the previously cleansed skin of the lips and leave for 4-5 minutes. After this, the mask is washed off, it is recommended to apply cream or petroleum jelly on the skin.


Perfect mint is considered an ideal means to increase the volume of the mouth. It is no accident that mints are a part of many balms, creams, lipsticks and lip glosses. The mask is prepared according to the following recipe – fresh peppermint should be crushed through a meat grinder, squeeze the squeezed through gauze, and squeeze the juice into the mouth daily, before going to bed.


One of the most effective means for increasing the lips at home is the usual lemon. To prepare a mask, the lemon must be peeled off, which should then be gently grated on the grater in such a way that juice appears on the surface of the peel. After that, the peel should be applied to the mouth for a few minutes, then apply a nourishing cream or lip balm.


Striking results are given by ice massage. It is very simple to perform – an ice cube needs to massage the skin, then apply a cloth napkin moistened with hot water to it.


Such manipulations should be repeated several times. In a few seconds you will see an amazing result – sponges will become noticeably fuller and sexier.


The main and most important rule of lip augmentation at home is regularity.


Even the most effective mask or the most expensive cosmetic means will not be effective enough for rare, unsystematic use. Various exercises, like home masks, compresses, massages must be performed regularly – 1-2 times a day.


After 4 weeks of regular exercise, the number of procedures can be reduced to 1 per day, and after 4 weeks – to 1-3 procedures throughout the week.



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