How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally and Easily

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To understand how to increase the breast without the help of plastics, you need to choose the right method or complex and adhere strictly to the recommendations.


Experts offer several solutions to problems of small breasts:

  •     Complex of exercises
  •     Dietary intake
  •     Drinking regime
  •     Massage
  •     Water procedures
  •     Home remedies
  •     Special underwear
  •     Hormonal therapy

How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

It should be understood that such measures for home breast augmentation will not significantly change its forms and volumes, but only adjust its external data and fill it with tone, elasticity and bigger view.


Against nature can go only plastic surgery, a cardinal method of breast augmentation, which costs a lot of money and is hard for women.


In general, before looking for ways to correct breast size, you need to understand the structure of the female boobs and the factors that influenced the deformation and dilation of the mammary glands.


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Making boobs bigger visually


Despite attractive forms, most of the fair sex are dissatisfied with their boobs size and prefer to visually increase it in all possible ways.


For today, experts recommend adhering to 10 rules for the correct accent on the decollete zone, this will help visually make the boobs bigger:

Choose the right bra size: If after removing the laundry on the skin there are strips that are pressed into the body, then the woman wears the wrong size of the bra.

The bra with the push-up effect, which performs two main functions – lifts the chest higher and even pulls it forward, giving a visual volume and splendor to the mammary glands.

Clothes with a neckline in the decollete zone visually increase the size of the bust and give the female body greater appeal. The print will make you flat.

Clothing with a large print will make the breast flat and unsightly, while rushes (not only vertical ones), small creases on clothing fabrics and pockets will visually transform the woman’s boobs for the better.

The proportionality of the figure can be attributed to the correct arrangement of colors in clothing, it is better to choose the bottom in a dark color, and emphasize the top of the trunk with bright tones.

Impression of a bigger and lush boobs will give different details of decor, whether it be buttons, beads, ornaments or buttons.

Striped clothes with bright colors and dark pants visually increase the decollete area.

A woman with a small boobs size should avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing, only a fitting neckline clothing will help visually increase the size of the boobs.

A negative role for the owner of a compact chest will be played by large boobs and accessories. Imperceptibly, there will never be a breast, if you place a small elegant pendant around it.

More attractive and bigger boobs will look great, if you know how to choose the right cut in clothes. For a small chest forbidden should be sweaters and blouses with a square and V-neck.


Many women manage to find more sophisticated methods of visual breast augmentation, for example, using special breastplates.

We work on ourselves and increase the size of the boobs at home naturally.


Undoubtedly, all of the above tricks for visual breast augmentation can solve the problem of small bust sizes, but only temporarily. To get a stable and permanent results, you need to put more effort and constantly work on yourself and your body, you can do it even at home naturally, you do not need to use the services of professional nutritionists and fitness trainers, in order to make the boobs bigger, you need to make an effort and Work on yourself.


Exercises for getting bigger boobs


The mammary glands themselves do not have muscles, but they are attached directly to them.


Therefore, strong pectoral muscles (small and large) will help raise the piles higher, nourish it with oxygen and improve blood circulation, and also do not allow it to lose its elasticity and volume due to various reasons.


In the standing position, you need to pick up some cargo (a thick book or a bottle of liquid). Lifting their hands up over their heads, a couple of claps are performed. At the same time, it is necessary to inhale oxygen on the lifts of the load, lowering your hands to exhale. Repetitions – from 5 to 15 times.

Laying comfortably lying on your back, you should keep all the same weighting in your hands. Then, on a slow inhalation, the arms are divorced on either side of the shoulder line, double-cross each other in a position directly in front of the mammary glands, at the end, when exhaled, they raise themselves sharply over the chest in an oblique direction. Repetitions are from 4 to 15 times.

All in that position of the body (lying on the back), in the hands you need to hold any load. Throwing their hands behind their heads, they are gradually raised above their heads at the deep entrance, lowering them to the very belly. Exhalation is done when the hands return to their original position. Repetitions – from 5 to 15 times.


Such simple exercises should be done approximately 3 times a week, without over-straining ligaments and muscles.


Before training, it is better to warm up the body with an easy warm-up. After 5-8 weeks, the size of the boobs will increase significantly by 3-5 cm in diameter.


Get bigger boobs by eating these food


Grenade for breast knowingly bigger volumes and the size of the boobs are girls who have extra weight. All because the boobs gets the elements you need and vitamins from food.


Therefore, properly composed diet will not allow you to gain excess weight, while nourishing the mammary glands with the right substances:


Products rich in protein (dairy products, meat, soy, beans)

Carbohydrate food

Products containing natural fats (especially vegetable oil and butter)

Products rich in plant hormones (greens, avocados, flax, lentils, wheat, rice, carrots and pomegranates)


We advise you to read about the most popular products for boobs growth:


Flax seeds

Hop cones

The secret of cabbage

Brewer’s yeast


In order for the mammary glands to increase, they will need a substitute for sex hormones and fatty tissue.Therefore, it is necessary to give preference to food products containing such substances.


Massage for making boobs bigger


Such a technique will increase the breast by increasing the flow of lymph to the mammary glands.


Due to improved blood circulation and oxygen supply, the mammary glands will be fully absorbed by vitamins and micro-elements of food and visually transformed.


There are several popular and effective massage methods:


Water massage: a strong pressure of slightly warm water should be performed circular movements in the mammary glands, but without touching the area of ​​areola and nipple. Each breast has to get about 3 minutes of water massage. Next, a contrast shower is performed, with a periodicity of 5 seconds, the temperature of the water changes.

Vacuum massage: moisturizing the mammary glands with a nutritious cream, the breast is placed in vacuum special nozzles in the form of a pump.


If the above methods of breast augmentation are integrated, the first results will be noticeable, after a month of work on your body.


Artificial methods: how to quickly increase the breast


For today, for girls with a small boobs size, experienced artificial methods thinkers offer many interesting ways how you can visually increase the breast size by 1 or even 2 sizes in a few minutes.


But there is one quick artificial method that many women use, the results can be seen in the picture below.

How to Get Bigger Boobs Naturally

To enlarge the boobs in this way you need these items:


Bra with special padding, which will sit tightly on the chest

Ordinary socks

Bra with the same pads, but larger in size

The same underwear, but still larger than the previous one

Dark foundation or brown shadows


Now the order of actions:


First put on the first bra, which is smaller in size and snug against the boobs

With the help of the second bra, the boobs rises higher

Twisting the two rollers into the roller, they are shoved into the first breast bra

Next, the largest size of the linen is put on, forming the final size and shape of the boobs

Using a foundation or dark brown eye shadow, a profile is drawn between the mammary glands


Thus, even a zero breast size can be made the second lush and even the third, having a few simple objects.


Breast augmentation without plastic surgery is real


Plastic surgery will help to solve the problem of a small boobs, but not every woman dares to lie under the surgeon’s knife and wear the remainder of her life a foreign body inside herself.


Therefore, more loyal and sparing methods of breast augmentation at home were developed.


To do this, you just need to work on your body and eat right.


Here are some simple tips and tricks:


The diet should include foods containing protein for the growth of pectoral muscles, fats for filling fat cells with mammary glands and phytohormones to stabilize the hormonal background of a woman

Performing a few simple exercises three times a week, you can strengthen the large and small pectoral muscles, which hold the chest in the right position and shape

Self-massage and water procedures will increase the boobs, giving a tone and elasticity to the skin, elasticity of the mammary glands, while improving their blood flow and oxygen nutrition

If you choose the right underwear and be able to harmoniously combine clothing, visually the chest will always look attractive


Following the advice, no factors worsening the condition of the mammary glands can not affect the young lush boobs.


If you are not satisfied this article and want more information on “how to get bigger boobs naturally” and without taking pills or having plastics in your body you can ask us for more.


But before asking we ask you: Did you tried our suggested methods? the exercises?


If not that please try that methods and we are 200% sure that you can increase the size of your boobs in just some weeks.


As we know and you too that having great looking boobs is a key thing in a girl or women, whoever too much bigger is not good but the average should be like “look her, she got the perfect boobs”. This will increase your beauty and make your boyfriend to have confidence on his girlfriend.


So, for any more information you can comment below and share this with other girls to make them look beautiful just like you.


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