How to Curl your Hair without Heat

How to Curl your Hair without Heat at Home

June 7, 2017admin

Hairstyles with twisted hair – classic hairdresser’s art. Such masterpieces on the heads of beautiful ladies make the image gentle and romantic. Another undoubted plus of soft curls lies in the fact that they can be created at home on their own.


At the same time, varying the width and number of curls, it will be possible to make a new image every day.


True, not all beautiful women keep a curl or curler at home, and sometimes these devices are broken or lost, and you need to make a beautiful haircut desperate.


But there is a way out – you just need to learn how to make curls with improvised means.

How to Curl your Hair without Heat

We are now about to introduce to you how to curl your hair without heat and at your home.

So let’s talk today about how to wind hair without curling hair and curlers on its own.

How to wind hair without curlers and curlers: the most simple and affordable ways.


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How to wind hair on curlers knows, probably any woman. Yes, and varieties of curlers now a great variety, which allows women to create curls of varying size and shape.

But if there are not these little assistants at home, but curls are so necessary for the image?


In this case, you can use the following recommendations:

  •     Create curls with a hair dryer and a round comb;
  •     Twist tubes of thick paper;
  •     Create a hairstyle with wet rags;
  •     Use foil;
  •     To make many small plaits;
  •     To work with your fingers;
  •     Use invisible or rope.


To make curls one of the proposed methods, you will need to wash your hair, lightly dry with a towel, apply mousse or foam for styling. All manipulations are carried out before going to sleep, in order to shine beautifully in the morning.


Now we will discuss each of the options in more detail.


We make packing with a hair dryer


To make curls with a hair dryer, you will need this unit, a round brush and a means for fixing the hairdo: lacquer, mousse, gel, etc. When creating a hairstyle, you need to remember that the shorter the strands, the more volume you need to make in the root area.


Let’s talk about the stages of creating a hairstyle:

  •     On wet hairs, apply a modeling mousse, distributing the product along its entire length with light massaging       movements;
  •     On a round brush, thread each strand in turn. Then dry it with a hair dryer, without removing it from the             comb;
  •     After the streak becomes dry, carefully remove it from the brush, sprinkle with varnish, but do not comb;
  •     Do such manipulations until the moment you get the desired number of curls. By the way, if you have short         hair, then use a small brush. For long curls you can use any.


It is worth saying that this method of curling is very simple, but it has a significant drawback – styling will not last long.


If your hair dryer has a nozzle-diffuser, then you can make curls to them. True, the image will be a little careless, but very stylish. To do this, turn on the hairdryer and twist the head on the head, trying to wind the hair on the fingers of the diffuser. When the hair becomes dry, slightly adjust the styling with your hands and apply a fixative.


Create curls with thick paper


Curling hair at home can be done with cardboard or very thick paper. When you found the material you need, you can start making improvised curlers. To do this, cut the strips of cardboard and twist them with a tube so they do not unfold, fix them with glue or tape.


To create curls of self-made curlers you need:

  •     Over the whole damp wet hair spread the fixative;
  •     Screw the hair into self-made curlers;
  •     Lock each “little guy” with a small clasp and you can go to bed.


When you wake up, you will only have to remove the clips and paper tubes from your hair.


Then straighten your head with your hands.


This laying can keep its original appearance up to 48 hours.


We reveal a secret how to curl your hair on cloths


Such a way of creating curls is also familiar to our grandmothers, since in their time they were something of a fantasy field, and they looked beautiful. Therefore, they created gentle curls with improvised means: they wetted thinly cut pieces in water and made hairdresses.


Stage of work with rags:

  •     Take a not very thick strip of tissue, soak in water, wring out. Clamp a thin strand at the tip of the cloth, tying     a knot;
  •     Now wind the strand on the fabric along the entire length, according to the curler principle;
  •     Fix the resulting lump of hair ends of matter;
  •     All the strands that you want to turn into curls, work the same way. The received “beauty” leave on a head for     all night, and in the morning, untie everything.


After removing the matter you will have beautiful curls.


You will only have to spread them lightly and sprinkle with varnish.


We use foil to create curls


For this method, you need foil. It should be cut into long rectangular strips. Wrap the pieces of cotton wool inside the foil. This will make beautiful voluminous strands.


Curls are created simply:

  •     On the hair curlers obtained from the foil wind the string. Remember, the more you take a strip of hair, the         thicker the curl will turn out;
  •     Fix a strip of foil at the roots, try to keep it well;
  •     Do the same with the remaining hair and you can go to bed;
  •     In the morning remove the flagella and give the hair the desired shape;
  •     To keep the piling longer, fix it with lacquer.


Create curls with the help of braids


Make beautiful, cheerful ringlets on a long head of hair with small braids.


And you can create beauty in two ways: braid all the hair in the braids or do just a few and leave it all for the night.


The main thing is to fix the ends of the braids well, otherwise they will untwine in the morning, the curls will not work.


Twisting wet hair into tight braids, in the morning you will get soft curly hair that perfectly complements the image. But remember, you can not comb such a hair. You can only fix it with your hands, otherwise all the curls will disintegrate.


If you decide to use this way of wrapping, remember, the thinner the hair, the more braids you need to weave. Conversely, a large number of braids braided for the night, ladies with a thick mop can create excessive volume. The hairstyle will look ridiculous.


Make curls with your own fingers


To make a gentle image it will turn out, using only own fingers.


To do this, you need to do the following:

  •     Separate from the entire shock a thin strand, which will curl;
  •     Apply copiously on strands fixative: foam, gel, etc .;
  •     Screw the hair into 1, 2 or 3 fingers. The more fingers there are, the larger your curls will grow;
  •     Finger carefully pull out of the hair, and fix the curl with a small clamp;
  •     When the strand dries, sprinkle it with varnish and remove the clamps.


If you do not have invisible objects at home, you can not fix the strands, but dry them directly on your fingers with a hairdryer. True, there is a danger that you will burn yourself.


This method of curling is very convenient and will suit the owner of both short and long hair.

Curl curls with the help of invisible or rope


If you have mousse at home for fixation and invisibility (rope), then you can easily create beautiful wavy ringlets.


To do this, perform the following actions:

  •     Wet hair, comb and divide into strands of the desired size;
  •     Each thoroughly treated with fixative;
  •     Form a string from the lock and fasten it at the roots with a barrette or string;
  •     All the existing strands twist the same way;

Leave the resulting “construction” on your head until morning. And when you wake up, remove the invisibility and unbutton the bundles. You will get beautiful waves, which need only sprinkle with varnish for better fixation.


Now you know how to Curl your hair at home, if you do not have hair curlers and curlers.

Try one of the methods described in the article, you will be satisfied with the result. Good luck!


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