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How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms with home remedies

July 16, 2017admin

Dark underarms are a real problem for many girls, especially those of the fair skin, whose skin is light, and on which the dark underarms are particularly noticeable.


But it’s soon summer, and this problem, if any, will again become almost the main reason for choosing summer outfits and self-doubt.

Dark underarms are due to many reasons , of which sweating, dead skin cells, a reaction to deodorants. Affect the darkening of the underarms also dark hair follicles, the reception of some contraceptives, as well as improper hygiene and friction clothing.dark underarms

If you use deodorants after the shave with the presence of alcohol, this will also lead to the fact that the underarms will begin to darken.


Therefore, long before the summer, ask yourself how to get rid of the dark underarms, because they are very destructive of self-esteem, lead to embarrassment, to the impossibility of wearing open bras and dresses, sleeveless vests.


There are several reasons for darkening the underarms. Blame for this are dead skin cells, deodorants, antiperspirants, sweating, shaving and rubbing on clothes. There are several ways to bleach darkened skin, this can be done even at home with the help of improvised means.


Firstly, it is worth recalling that in hot weather you need to bathe daily, clothes should be lightly worn, and hair should not be shaved off with the help of shaving creams or razors, but with the use of wax. Change your deodorant antiperspirant to an anti fungal powder or talcum powder. In addition, here are some more tips that will help get rid of dark underarms easily.


Slices of lemon help get rid of the dark underarms. Lemon will eliminate dead cells, it will “dry” the skin a little, so you will need to lubricate your underarms with oil with vitamin E or your favorite body lotion before going to bed.


Lemon juice


Since ancient times, women have used the bleaching properties of lemon juice. The acid in it exfoliates a layer of dead cells, removing the dark layer. You can do this in different ways. The easiest way is to cut the lemon in thin slices and wipe in the course of the day several times. To enhance the effect, moisten the cotton swab with juice, apply a little soda to it, lubricate the resulting mixture with underarms, leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse.


Use a mask of lemon juice with soda can only be on healthy skin without sores and cuts.


From 1 tbsp. Cottage cheese, pinch of turmeric, 1 tsp. Flour and 1 tsp. Milk you need to make a paste. Apply it to the underarms, and allow to dry completely. After 20 minutes, wash it off with cold water.


Cucumber juice will not only help get rid of freckles . It is also a wonderful remedy for dark underarms. And if you add lime juice to it, the effectiveness will only increase. Apply should be on the underarms somewhere for half an hour, after which it is good to wash off, and admire your radiant shining underarms.


By the way, soda can also help in this problem. After bathing it is enough to apply on the necessary area, a little to massage, and then to wash off.


And to cleanse the skin well under your hands, you need to mix pink water and sandalwood powder. By the way, this mixture can be applied to the face and body.


Dried orange peel, ground into a powder, mixed with yogurt and put on the skin under your hands. This is one of the best ways to get rid of the dark underarms.


Potato juice, like cucumber, also acts as a bleach. Therefore, it is worth trying and this tool in order to get rid of the problem.


How to get rid of excessive sweating


Sweating is the protective mechanism of our body. Through sweat all toxins, slags are removed, and also maintenance of normal body temperature is provided. But when sweating is increased and causes a lot of inconvenience, it should be fought with.


Soap and water are recognized as the simplest means, but you can try a lot of other things.


Moreover, today all shops and markets simply “swarm” with all sorts of products from excessive sweating.


However, the best deodorant, oddly enough, are not mega-popular antiperspirants, but ordinary anti fungal talc or powder. In addition, they do not expose the skin of the underarms of danger to darken and look unaesthetic.


Also, a good way to reduce sweating is different herbal baths, for example, a bath with oak bark is a recognized tool in the fight for fresh body odor.


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